​All claims must be made with in 24 hours of receival. Sexed animals are 100% guaranteed to be accurate. DOAs are rare due to everything I sell is CB, I will only ship when the temps are between 45- 85 degrees, and I personally take them to the Fed Ex at the air port to minimize the amount of stops they go through. I only ship Mon- Wen to avoid any layover problems. I only ship to the lower 48 states. If an animal should arrive DOA a picture will be required for replacement. If no one is present to receive the animal(s) on the agreed upon day of arrival all guarantees are void.

Trades are rare. In order to do a trade with me you will have to ship first unless I personally know you or you are a long time customer that I have purchased animals from before. If I approach you for a trade I understand that you may not know me as well so I would not ask you to ship first in that circumstance. Sorry for the stipulation but I have been burned on a few trades in the past. Trades I am interested in are typically CB only Asian geckos, Madagascan geckos, African geckos, Aussie geckos, NC geckos, or rare frogs I don't have the blood lines to or species I do not yet have. Please see the Available and Trades page of this site for what I am actively looking for. I only accept Leachie trades from people I personally know or are well known and I think they are trust worthy. I do local specific Leachies so if I don't know you the answer for Leachie trades will be no.

Discounts on multiple animal purchases are possible. I predicate discounts based on how productive a species is, if they sell well, and if I sell out by the time the next seasons start hatching out. I'm a reasonable guy and will accept reasonable offers. I do focus on quality over quantity so the only thing I produce that is ever offered at wholesale is Cresteds and the prices they are listed at in 5 lots, 10 lots, and 20 lots are fair and firm. I only sell them in quantity due to not having the time to send pics of all of them. I produce from a group of 5.25 cresteds.

I will allow currently available animals to be reserved at a non refundable 20%. All funds will be due with in 30 days of agreement. 20% deposit is due with in 7 days of agreement and is only accepted via Money Order. All other payments can either be Money Order or Paypal. If you have fully paid for your order it must be shipped to you with in 30 days of payment unless weather prohibits safe shipment I will hold them until the weather is safe to ship.  If the order is cancelled a 20% of the total cost payed is kept for taking care of them for you with no sale as a result. Wait listing on currently non available species I produce is well contacted back on at no charge.

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Macro photo of a baby Eurydactylodes vieilliardi eye from the gecko on the left.

​Terms and Contact

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