Oophaga pumilio Rio Teribe

Dendrobates tinctorius Regina

Dendrobates tinctorius Brazilian Yellow Head

Phyllobates terribilis Orange Phase

               Dart Frogs

All of the above non Dart Frogs are my projects and you should contact me for them. I still work with a few Dart species that overlap with my friend Matt's. Matt works at a public aquarium that also works with amphibians and reptiles and has many years of experience. All of the Dart frogs below are Matt Meyer's projects and you should contacts him by e-mail at hmeyer17@sbcglobal.net for availability and prices. He produces a great variety of quality Darts.

Theloderma asperum  From Burma, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Sumatra in Indonesia in tropical and sub-tropical forests. They live most of their lives in water filled cavities in trees. These are the smallest member of the genus Theloderma and have a soft pleasing call. 

Theloderm corticale Vietnamese Mossy Frog  A cryptic species with a sonorous short whistle like call from areas near high elevation streams in Northern Vietnam and possibly Southern China. Day temps in the mid 70s with night drops into the mid 60s are appropriate for this species. Males have reddish pink swollen nuptial (Thumb) pads and call while females are slightly larger and thicker. In recent years it has been speculated that cooler temperatures produce higher numbers of females.

Ceratobatrachus guntheri Solomon Island Leaf Frog  A well camouflaged frog that lives in the leaf litter of tropical forests. Males are smaller at three inches and females are larger at four inches. These need more ventilation than Dart frogs. I cover about 70% of the screen lid and spray heavy every other day. Appropriate temps would be in the high 70s. Eggs will be buried in the substrate and after being fertilized should be removed to a incubation container with moistened calcined clay and will hatch in a month and a half. The great thing about this species in the frog actually fully develops in the egg and hatches out a fully formed froglet. WARNING   IF YOU LIVE IN A APARTMENT DO NOT BUY THIS SPECIES. THEIR CALL IS AS LOUD AS A SMALL DOG.  

  ​Dart & Other Frogs

Ranitomeya vanzolinii

Ranitomeya reticulata 

Dendrobates tinctorius Inferalanis

Phyllobates terribilis Yellow Phase

Dart frogs are a rewarding and enjoyable hobby to pursue. Two things you should have in mind are caging and food. It is recommended that you culture your own fruit flies to at least the third generation unless you will be buying them from someone on a regular basis. I would also recommend having your cage set up for at least two weeks to monitor humidity levels before receiving them as well. The great thing about most Darts is normal care is all that is required for breeding. Set yourself up with a slice of the Amazon. If you need any help or recommendations on your caging set up or culturing fruit flies feel free to contact Matt or myself for info. 

              Dendrobates leucomelas

Dendrobates tinctorius Matecho

Phyllobates terribils Mint Phase

Oophaga pumilio Salt Creek

Ranitomeya imitator Varadero

Dendrobates tinctorius Green Sip

Dendrobates tinctorius Azureus

Ranitomeya sirenses 

Ranitomeya benedicta 

Ameerega trivittata Huallaga Canyon

Oophaga pumilio Cristobal