Please keep in mind during the cooling season in December to the beginning of next seasons hatchlings in  March availability is lower. Between March through November availability is higher. I typically have some animals available year round.

From mid February through October is shipping season and my availability gets posted on Fauna Classifieds.

Keep in mind do to the rarity of some of the species I work with and my personal view of working with  small diverse groups of 2.2-3.4  a lot of the species I work with are spoken for before they ever hit my price list. If there is a species or two that you are interested in contact me so I can put you on the dry erase board for a call back when they are available. My wait lists for the following season always start in October.

1.3.7 equates to 1 male 3 females and 7 unsexed

Your statistical chances for at least one male/female pair in non TSD geckos, lizards, and frogs are 1= 0%   2= 50%  3= 75% 4= 88% 5= 94% 6= 97%

Available and Trades

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​               Captive bred only.

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Oedura marmorata

Diplodactylus galeatus

Diplodactylus vittatus

Lucasium steindachneri

Phyllurus caudiannulatus

0.1 or 0.2 half grown or large young Chlamydosaurus kingii  NG Frilled Dragons

Phelsuma cepediana

Phelsuma guimbeaui

Uroplatus lineatus

Uroplatus pietschmanni

Ebenavia inunguis

Cyrtodactylus species other than C. elok