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        ​Welcome to Australedonian Geckos

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annual issue of Reptile USA. I provided Knobtails & technical info for the Knobtail article.

Welcome to Australedonian Geckos and Dart Frogs! My name is Joe Hupp. I have been working with Herps for over 20 years. I strive to produce the best possible animals by obtaining groups of captive bred babies from excellent sources and obtaining multiple blood lines while personally raising them for optimal results. 

    I'm currently working with Australian, New Caledonian, Mainland African, Madagascan, Asian and New World geckos as well as a select few other lizard species. As a side project a few frog spcies.

      I have done field research for the Missouri Department of Conservation on foreign introduced species while in college as well as reproductive data observations for the Wild Canid Research and Survival Center. One of the most interesting things I have done Herp related was spending two years at The St. Louis Zoo's Herpetarium between internships and payed seasonal positions thanks to my good friend Matt. It's one of the largest Herp houses in the country with a top notch staff ran by top notch people.

​As projects have grown and expanded I simply no longer have the time to keep up with a diverse collection of Dart frogs. A friend of mine locally Matt Meyers has an impressive and diverse collection of Dart Frogs. As he works full time for a local public aquarium he does not have time to do shows anymore. Any show I am vending I will be bringing his frogs with me. He has many years of experience working with amphibians, reptiles, and fish. I have given him a section with his contact information and the species of Darts he is currently working with and producing on this site. His collection ranges from standards for the beginner to advance species for the higher end hobbyists. I have gotten multiple species from him and have always been happy with them. 

      I provide full service for all animals I sell. All techniques I use are an open book. If you are a client of mine I  don't hold info back. That includes breeding and incubation information. Allow me to help you in an interesting and addictive hobby.


       If you have a technique that is different from mine please share it. There is always more than one way to achieve the same results or better. We should all strive to improve our collections and an open mind is one of the best ways.

     PS A word about local pet shops. Please support your local pet shops. They have become the next endangered species. 15 years ago there were over a dozen mom and pop pet shops were I live. The majority of these have closed. Do yourself a favor and the next time you need supplies go by one and stop in. These people support their families by it and have dedicated their life to our hobby and are happy to help you. If your in St. Louis I highly suggest checking out Tropical World Pets on Watson. If your not in St. Louis connect with one locally, you won't regret it!

                                 Have a great day,
                                                     Joe Hupp